Onboarding Software That Picks Up Where HR Leaves Off

Helping Busy Leaders Make Productive Team Members

Clear Paths To Productivity In A New Job

For Leaders

Develop and manage the guided onboarding plans your new person needs with the full flexibility to reorganize them in the future.

  • Easily Author and Customize Onboarding Plans
  • Track Your Employee’s Progress
  • Collaborate, Communicate, and Share Documents In One Place

For New Team Members

No distractions or information overload with irrelevant information. You only get the information that is relevant to getting started as quickly as possible.

  • Have A Clear, Quick Path To Success
  • Only Get What’s Relevant To Your New Role
  • Feel Like You’re Part Of A Team (Even Remotely)

Keep The Momentum Going

After investing all that time and money to find your perfect hire, you can’t afford for it not to work. From our graphical authoring canvas to analytics, you have what you need to keep the momentum going.

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