About Us

Our Mission

Our philanthropic origin and efforts are still an important part of what we do. Over 40,000 parents have used guides in Navitome to get help for their children. That number is growing fast. We’ve also helped other not-for-profit organizations optimize their onboarding processes so they could focus on helping their children. While we’re working hard to make technology businesses more successful, we will continue helping not-for-profit organizations fulfil their missions.

Who We Are

The Navitome team is based out of Massachusetts and is a mix of software experts, experienced business leaders, and content experts. Our leadership has held key positions at companies like IBM and Fidelity. In addition to being experts in technology, we’re also published content authors ourselves. This ranges from marketing content to onboarding content to traditional technical documentation. Innovation drives what we do at Navitome. The team’s extensive background in technology startups demonstates that none of us are comfortable with stagnation.

Our History

The technology behind Navitome was originally developed by a team from Harvard working to help parents of children with disabilities navigate complex processes. After helping tens of thousands of families, Navitome started getting interest from other, for-profit organizations. Navitome was one of 128 finalist (out of nearly 3000 applicants) in one of the world’s most prestigious startup accelerators, MassChallenge. In the months of MassChallenge, we explored the most high value use cases for Navitome and that effort led us to high tech. While we have users from a variety of industries, today, we’re focused on helping technology companies.

“It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and for others.” –Dalai Lama

“Great innovation only happens when people aren’t afraid to do things differently.” –Georg Cantor

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” –Albert Einstein

Our Vision

Great content can tremendously help or hurt people. We understand that people take action upon the content published by companies. If that content isn’t personalized and effective, it can waste a lot of time and money. We believe that this is an area that has severely lacked in innovation in the past decade and we’re here to change that. We also believe that all of the interaction in content is a gold mine for analytics. Your users spend hundreds or thousands of hours in your content to get their jobs done. We’re unlocking all the insight from those interactions so you can make better decisions.

“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.” – W. Edwards Deming