The First Productivity Platform Built Around Content

The Details

At our core, we are champions for clarity of communication To that end, we’ve built a platform that works to maximize information utility. The Navitome team is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a mix of software experts, experienced business leaders, and content experts. Our leaders have held key positions in Fortune 500 companies and are published content authors in situations ranging from corporate onboarding procedures to traditional technical help documentation.

As content leaders, we’re here as partners for businesses of all types to get the most out of their content investment and to better serve the wide information needs of their customers when it comes to obtaining useful,  actionable information.


Our leadership brings expertise across product, engineering, sales, marketing, and operations from IBM, Alcatel-Lucent, HipChat, Fidelity Investments, and Wayfair.

Dylan Murphy

Strategy and Sales

Ben Brunt


TJ Loughlin

Product Management and Engineering

Dimitrios Tsitsirigkos


Dylan Husted

Business Development

John Lichtig

Customer Success

What Type Of Companies Use Navitome?

Navitome helps customers across a variety of industries and sizes. Companies use Navitome when they need more out of their content for training, support, or other business operations. Our customers bring their content and expertise. We provide the platform to create, share, and analyze it. While we provide guidance on using Navitome and being more productive, we rely on our customers to be subject matter experts in their field.

Some companies use Navitome strictly for the analytics on the content that they have in Navitome. Others use us for the customization of content. They have training, onboarding, or other procedures that require their audience to get personalized information. Most companies use us for a combination of both – content customization and usage analytics.