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Tossing Marketing White Papers Into The Abyss

You secured funding for a fantastic new marketing whitepaper. You pulled together the team, content, graphics, and relevant references to get it done. It describes a compelling risk or opportunity. It describes the cost of avoiding it or the money

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Tech Sales, Get Back To Selling – 5 Tips To Help Customers Become Self-Sufficient

Regardless of whether you just sold software in the cloud or on-premise, you need your customers to actually use it. In the on-premise world, customers might buy $5M worth of software and only deploy $10k in the first year. In the cloud world, they

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How Sales And Product Management Drove Me To Become The CEO Of A Documentation Startup

  As a technical seller and product manager of enterprise software for nearly ten years, I spent a lot of time with customers. Documentation was always a potential landmine or accelerator to sales and deployments. No matter how obvious it is

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