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Where Companies Are Succeeding and Failing with Online Support – Introduction

How do you best support your customers online in a way that answers their questions and works for your business? What are the components of an online support environment that you need? What are the common pitfalls and how do you avoid them? There

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Tossing Marketing White Papers Into The Abyss

You secured funding for a fantastic new marketing whitepaper. You pulled together the team, content, graphics, and relevant references to get it done. It describes a compelling risk or opportunity. It describes the cost of avoiding it or the money to

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Tech Sales, Get Back To Selling – 5 Tips To Help Customers Become Self-Sufficient

  Regardless of whether you just sold software in the cloud or on-premise, you need your customers to actually use it. In the on-premise world, customers might buy $5M worth of software and only deploy $10k in the first year. In the cloud wor

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