Learn, Practice, Reflect, Track

Your Seller’s Customized Learning Plan

Let Us Show You How

Start with part of your enablement process. Grow your reusable, customizable plans over time.


Create Your Trainings and Exercises

Create from scratch, a template, or existing content

Everything You Need to Quickly Create Effective Sales Enablement

You don’t have to be an expert to create professional looking trainings

Authoring Projects

Create in teams, stay organized, and communicate

A Graphical Authoring Environment

Easily drag and drop questions, documents, images, video, and mode in your document

Powerful Control

Create self-customizing content, gate content, enforce sequential reading


Get Your Plans Reviewed

Easily have your teammates review what you've written

Make Sure Your Enablement Is as Good as It Can Be

Reviewers can comment on what you've written before it's published

Reviewer Management Per Document

Easily add one or more people to review your work

Comments on Structure

Get feedback to make the document’s structure better

Comments on Content

Get feedback to make the content better


Total Control Over How and What You Share

Create a new project to share individually or with a group of new employees

Flexible Sharing For Your Scenario

Create public links, classroom style projects, and collaborative projects

The Builder Role

Designate specific users to share your content but not edit it

Build Projects

Manage users and content efficiently for your training or project

Rapid Content Customization

Toggle On and Off content for users in private projects


Customized and Trackable is Better

Navitome is a better experience for your audience

Access Guides Publicly or Work With What's Been Shared With You

Manage your guides, projects, and classes in the My Guides section

Productivity Features Beyond Content

Search, track, launch into full screen, and more

Document Sharing

Invite other readers to work on a guide with you

Upload Content and Feedback

Upload documents and information for your project


Powerful Analytics To Boost Productivity

Track users, understand activity, make your content better

Look At Usage As A Whole Or Dive Into Individual Walkthroughs

Knowing how your content is used helps you prioritize your time

Business Relevant Analytics

See How Users Are Answering Your Customization Questions

Individual Level Tracking

Help users progress and hold them accountable

Advanced Analytics Reports

Get feedback information, rating information, and more


360 Degree Content Communication

Coordinate quickly and easily

Comment on Content, Discuss Projects, Answer Questions For Your Audience

In Navitome, your communication stays close to your content

Project-Level Communication

Launch a project communication from within your project

Content-Level Communication

Ask questions of your team or make notes

Content Quality Feedback

End Users Help Make Your Content Better