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Individuals who need to publish between 5 – 10 guides or want to publish publicly



Small companies or teams with at least 5 authors



Companies or teams with at least 15 authors

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Pricing and BillingBasicProGroupMulti-GroupEnterprise
Per Month/Author Cost$30$75$99*$119*Variable
Guide Creation
Private Publishing
Public Publishing
Readers per Guide25No LimitNo LimitNo LimitNo Limit
Total # of Guides51050100Variable
Unpublished Guides5No LimitNo LimitNo LimitNo Limit
Min Authors11515Custom
Max Authors111525Custom
Security and Availability
256-bit EncryptionCustom
Role Based PermissionsCustom
Enablement And Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Launch Enablement
Custom Enablement **
Value Assessent
Early Beta Access

* Minimum number of authors applies
* Upcharge


Have any questions about our product?

What’s the difference between a public and private guide?

A public guide is one that anyone can access if they have the url of the guide. Users who aren’t logged into Navitome, will appear as anonymous users in our analytics. A private guide is a guide to which someone needs to be invited. When you invite them in Navitome, your reader will get an email inviting them to the guide.

Who counts as an author?

An author is any internal user to the account with authoring privileges. They are not a reader who you invited to read a private guide or a reader of an anonymous guide.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofit organizations?

Yes, we do offer discounts for nonprofits. Please email us at with the details of what you’re doing and the best contact for us to follow-up.

What happens if we don’t meet the minimum author requirement?

If you require the features of a group account but don’t meet the minimum author requirement, you have to pay for the minimum number of users. Please contact us at with your situation if it falls somewhere between accounts or on the enterprise side. We will work with you to find the best. Fit.

Is there any difference in security and availability per account tier?

There is no difference in security or availability per account tier. We research, develop, and test for the most secure and available options for all our customers. However if there is something that you require specifically for your business, please reach out. We can discuss your requirements and the options.

Do you have an on-premise solution?

We do offer on-premise solutions but they are not our core focus. Please reach out to us to begin a conversation about your on-premise needs. The pricing above does not apply to any on-premise or custom solution.

What’s the up-charge on custom enablement?

We offer custom enablement for the higher account tiers and there is an hourly rate for this. These services can range from training teams on Navitome and content development, helping build content, and analyzing the best content options for companies.

What’s included in the launch enablement?

The launch enablement for the higher tiered accounts is 4, 30-minute web enablement sessions for your company. The topics and breakdown of these enablements differ per account. We’ll find the 2 hours of training that will make you most effective. For example, it could be 4 sessions to one team or 4 sessions for 4 teams.

What’s a value assessment?

The Navitome value assessment is a 2 hour session designed to help you begin gathering information to show an ROI on Navitome. This also has benefits to your greater content strategy/business. This is discussion-based and requires your company to do some preparation work to make it effective.

What’s involved in the early beta access?

We occasionally open up our prototype environment to key customers. This allows you to see what’s coming in Navitome and influence our product roadmap. While we always welcome feedback from customers, the beta program does require additional work and commitment from both sides.

Is this a recurring subscription?

Yes, the subscription recurs monthly until you cancel it.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. Once you cancel your account, the account will become inactive on the next billing cycle. You will not be able to access the account so it’s important that you consider the time it’ll take you to move content out of Navitome.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

Yes, you can move between account tiers. Please contact us if you’re in this situation and we’ll work through it with you.

How do you manage my subscription?

We use a service called Recurly to manage our Navitome subscriptions. It’s easy to update your billing information or account information for Navitome in Recurly. When you create an account, we activate your account in Navitome.

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