Navitome’s Pricing Is Simple

You can start for free.
Build your content and team out from there.



1 Author
1 Private Document
10 Readers


$50/ month

1 Author
Unlimited Public and Private Documents
Unlimited Readers

Need An Additional Author, Builder, or Reviewer?


  • Create content in Navitome
  • Share Content Publicly
  • Act as a Builder or Reviewer
$50/ month


  • Customize authored content and use it in private projects
  • Invite users to and manage those private projects
$25/ month


  • Review and comment on draft content for authors
$10/ month

Large team or non-profit?

We have special pricing to meet your needs.
Contact us for more information.


Have any questions about our product?

What are some examples of an author?

  • A support expert writing a public customer service Navidoc
  • A product expert writing a Navidoc for project managers to use in their project
  • A master trainer writing content for a team of teachers

What are some examples of a builder?

  • A project manager leading a project team
  • A trainer teaching a class of students
  • A sales or marketing expert building customized content for their customer

What are some examples of a reviewer?

  • A product expert reviewing a support guide for accuracy
  • A marketing expert reviewing authored marketing content
  • An attorney reviewing a sensitive process for accuracy

What if I’m one person doing everything?

If you’re managing everything for yourself or your company and have gone past the free level, you simply need to get one authoring account. You’ll be the account owner and will have access to the full Navitome suite.

What are some examples of customer scenarios?

2 Authors and 2 Reviewers – A company is using Navitome to build online guided support to be used publicly. They have 2 people writing content and 2 additional people reviewing it.

1 Author, 1 Review, 5 Builders – A company has a sales leader who writes content for his 5 sellers to use in the field with customers. He has a product expert from development review all his content before it’s made available.

Do you offer training beyond your typical support content?

Yes and we often don’t charge for it depending on the scale. Please contact your sales representative or to discuss your requirements. We want you to be successful with Navitome and there are many ways we help customers succeed. Let’s talk!

Is there a difference in security per payment plan?

No, we take security very seriously for all of our users regardless of how much money they pay us.

How do you manage my billing

We use a service called Recurly. It’s secure, convenient, and manageable by you. Once you’ve activated your account, we can set up your account in Navitome. In Recurly, you can manage your payment, contact information, and quantity of users.

When can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my account?

You can change your account at any time. The billing will be reflected in the next monthly billing cycle. Simply contact us and we’ll make the appropriate adjustment or you can do it yourself in Recurly.

Do you offer an on-premise solution?

We understand that larger organizations often have very specific needs when it comes to software, their data, and their service. Please contact your sales representative or to discuss your requirements.

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