Create walk-through guides to explain any process, policy, or procedure to your employees or customers. 

  • Maximize productivity and reduce turnover by getting new employees up to speed quickly
  • Increase compliance by training employees on policies and best     practices
  • Reduce critical errors and oversights with on-demand procedural     guidance
  • Increase employee engagement, confidence, and morale

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Navitome’s Process Creator tool makes it easy to turn even complex processes into bite-sized, step-by-step workflows and tasks. Unlike one-size-fits-all checklists or manuals, Navitome training guides can easily handle processes and policies that change depending on the circumstances.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily upload files to ensure that trainees are seeing the most current materials
  • Embed videos to provide in-depth explanations or demonstrations
  • Build web forms to collect information from customers or trainees
  • Customize the appearance of your training guide to match your brand
  • Chart different paths through the process so users see customized content
  • Easily change the sequence and content of tasks or workflows as your processes and policies change
  • Invite co-authors to collaborate with you and improve the quality of your training guides



Navitome’s progress tracking dashboard lets training guide authors track user progress in real time. You can drill down into any process or policy training guide to understand how users are moving through workflows and tasks. The dashboard makes it easy to see which step in the process guide takes the longest, who finishes successfully, and where people get stopped.

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Features and Benefits

  • Understand how users are moving through any process, workflow, or task
  • Figure out where your users get stuck or stopped
  • Identify bottlenecks and tasks with low completion rates
  • Drill down to see where individual users are in the process
  • Collect data submitted through web forms in your process
  • Export data to Excel for further analysis