How do I customize content for specific users? What is the purpose of a question in a guide?

Navitome customizes a guide for its reader based on their answers to questions at the start of a guide. In Navitome, these questions are called customizations and they are the same questions that you embed in the content as a user. On the authoring canvas, you can drag a customization from the ‘Create’ panel directly onto the canvas.

When you click on the customization, you can name it and add answers. The answers will show up in the canvas and determine paths that the reader will go down. Consider the following example. In this question, we ask if the user wants an overview of the server that the guide is about. If they say yes, they get an overview of the server. If they answer no, they don’t see any content. In other words, there is nothing delivered to them about an introduction to the server. If they answer maybe, they get a short overview.

Last updated on May 30, 2018