What ways can I manage my content? How do they differ?

When you want to create a new build project, start by clicking on the green ‘New Build’ button on the right hand side of the Build & Share panel. You will then be prompted to enter a title and select how you want to manage the it. There are three options for sharing Building Projects, each can help you accomplish different task depending on the scenario.

Public: Users have their own copy of the content. This content can only be accessed by anyone with a link

Collaborations: Users share a single copy of the content. This content can only be accessed by invitation (Private).

Cohorts: Users have their own copy of the content. This content can only accessed by invitation (Private).

Scroll down to see three example scenarios.

Scenario #1:

In the most basic scenario, you educate the public on car safety. You have created a guide and want to share your content so that everyone can see it. The important part to note in this situation is anyone and everyone with a computer, mobile device, or tablet has access. This would be managed as a Public project.

Scenario #2:

In the next scenario, you are a teacher who wants to use Navitome for a group project. This project will be a collaboration between all the students so you want to share the guide so that everyone has access to the same guide and content. Everyone can contribute to the guide in this case. This would be managed as a collaboration.

Scenario #3:

In the last scenario, you are a CPR instructor with a new class of trainees. You create a guide containing all the course material and exercises and want each trainee to have their own copy. Content remains the same for each trainee but they have their own guide to work on at their own pace. This would be managed as a cohort.

Last updated on May 30, 2018