Where can I find the link to share a guide?

Guides can be public or private and each is shared in a different way. All sharing is done through builds. You author your document and then add it to a public or private build (a project that is shared with your end user).

Public Guides: If you add a document to a public build, anyone with the link to it can access the content. And, once they access any document in the build, they also get access to everything in the build. You can grab the link to the public document from within the public build. It’s to the right of the document name.

Private Guides: If you create a private project, a cohort or collaboration, navitome notifies the people you’ve invited to the project. There is no link to send them. Once they log in, they can access all of their content in My Guides->Shared Projects.


Last updated on June 28, 2018