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Some Of The Many Things Navitome Can Do For Your Business

Is your company facing any of the challenges below?

Eliminating Information Overload

Information overload is an extremely common challenge for readers. In addition to frustrating people, it can lead to costly mistakes, lost deals, and unnecessary support cases. Check out this video to learn how Navitome can help you reduce information overload for your readers.

The Truth About How Your Product Is Used

Understanding how your product is used is critical. It helps you sell more, make the right changes, and develop the right content to help customers. However, it’s not always an easy thing to do. Check out this video to learn how Navitome exposed the truth about how your product is being used.

Quickly And Effectively Supporting Your Customers

Supporting customers before or after they buy your product is critical. If it’s not done in an effective way, it can be frustrating and costly for both sides. The better your support effort goes, the better your product and company looks. Check out this video to learn how you can quickly and effectively support your customer.

Holding Users Accountable

No matter how many discussions you have to prepare a customer, they might not follow your instructions. There are situations where doing things out of order or skipping steps altogether leads to costly mistakes. There are also situations where you need feedback from a customer before they proceed. This could mean answering a question or uploading proof that they are who they are or did what they said they would. Check out this video to learn how we hold users accountable in Navitome.

Dynamically Customizing Marketing Material

Marketing material can be costly to develop especially for technology companies. Companies whose product serve numerous roles and industries have to invest money effectively in their content. They publish documents or a very long document to cover every combination of industries and roles. However, they need their content to feel that personalized. Check out this video to learn how Navitome can help you deliver personalized marketing material to individuals without publishing 100’s of variations of the same content.

Next Level Feedback For Content Authors

Getting the right feedback to make your content better is difficult. The feedback that you need to improve your content and prioritize your time comes from a couple places. It comes directly from readers and also understanding their behavior. Check out this video to learn how Navitome takes authoring feedback to the next level. With Navitome’s analytics and survey questions, you can be confident that you’re making the right changes to your content.

The Right Video At The Right Time

Video is becoming increasingly popular as a medium to deliver marketing and technical content. However, it’s not the right solution for everything. It faces some similar challenges to traditional documents. In this video, you’ll learn how to effectively mix video with traditional content in Navitome. You’ll also learn how to overcome the challenge of personalizing your video delivery.

Analytics That Impact The Bottom Line

Traditional content analytics serve a purpose and should be part of what you analyze. Tools like Google Analytics will show you what pages were read, where people came from, your bounce rates, browser-breakdown, etc. While this is important for delivering your content, it’s not going to help you make product decisions? It’s also not going to help you prioritize your time as a content team. Check out this video to learn how Navitome’s analytics help you with decisions that actually sell more and waste less time.

Finally, A Tool For Technical Sales

Are you tired of creating custom documentation or piecing documentation together for your customers? Are you tired of showing up to help them test their use cases just to find that they didn’t set the product up correctly? Sending customers pdfs and links to doc portals lead to costly, frustrating mistakes. You’re also instantly out of sync with your customer. Check out this video to learn how you can help them using Navitome, make your proof of concepts more effective, and close more deals.

Making You Service Practice More Profitable

It’s likely that everyone on your technical services team has different skill levels. When things get busy, it’s important that you can shift resources between different opportunities. If your entire team is working, you’re billing customers and making money. However, this can be challenging when you’re doing work on very technical products. In this video, you’ll learn how experts can create content that your entire team uses on their engagement. Junior team members can get much further, independently than ever before.

Effective Content For Cloud Operations

Companies are quickly moving from developing on-premise solutions to cloud offerings. The race is on but adapting to this new reality isn’t easy. Internal teams need to manage large numbers of environments not only for development for their public cloud customers as well. Navitome can help companies host content that internal teams can use to effectively adjust to this transformation in the industry. Check out this video to learn today’s development teams can use Navitome effectively.

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