Action-Based Validation:
Turn Every Rep into a Superstar in 15 Minutes a Day

This Webinar Is For

When you need to grow revenue,
you can’t wait around for everything to be perfect.

You don’t have time to

  • Wait for development to implement all the new, highly sellable features.
  • Wait on marketing to perfect every message, webpage, and video.
  • Spend six months developing enablement content to train your reps and then have them out of the field just learning all day.

Length – 50 Minutes
Replay Available for Those who Register

So, how do you increase the productivity of your reps
without making the sacrifices above?

In this webinar, you’ll get an in-depth look at a new sales enablement methodology. Its techniques:

  • Let your rock star sellers pass on information and skills to your junior reps in a scalable, repeatable, and efficient way.
  • Let your reps prepare and react in the moment without putting aside hours to train.
  • Let you identify how your investment in enablement directly impacts revenue.
  • Use real-world exercises to help your reps prepare and validate their readiness.

If you follow this methodology,
you’ll walk away with:

  • A team of rockstars
  • A culture of enthusiasm, confidence, and collaboration
  • Clarity on every rep’s true strengths and weaknesses
  • An ongoing, scalable way to steer the ship in the right direction

About The Presenter

Dylan Murphy, CEO of Navitome

Dylan spent eight years at IBM in sales and product management where he was responsible for driving revenue worldwide. In that time, Dylan continually faced the harsh reality of adequately preparing sales reps with limited budgets, time, and ability to change the product. With so many constraints, Dylan took a different approach to training his sellers. It was working but still took too much time. After his experience at IBM, he set out to fundamentally change sales enablement and train sellers in a way that’s effective, efficient, and enjoyable.